Jan 8, 2015


I never announced this hereon my blog, but I decided a while ago to quietly relocate to a new platform and website HERE over half a year ago. It seemed fitting that I did so quietly, as my new website exists as more of a mix between travel, lifestyle, and style posts as well as my photography, all of which I didn't really explore so much here on this blog. While it has been a fantastic three or so years with this blog, I no longer feel drawn to personal style posts so much as they are so abundant here on the internet now. It is, I think, a more adequate reflection of my current aesthetic tastes and aspirations. However, I will continue to share what inspires me and what I'm subsequently inspired to create on my new site as well as Instagram, as always @highstitchedvoice.

Thank you all for always being so patient and encouraging through the years.

Love from the bottom of my heart xx,