Jul 20, 2014


eShakti top (code: "highstitchvoices" for 10% off storewide), Zara shorts and shoes, vidakush necklace

I don't know what it is about the color blue, but it's my favorite color this season other than the usual neutrals. I've been reading Maggie Nelson's beautiful book of poetry Bluets, and that may be partially why I keep on thinking an unnecessary, almost inane, amount about the color, but I've come to the consensus that I don't care if over half the population's favorite color is blue, because I love it, too. She writes on the color blue as a favorite color: "It is tempting to derive some kind of maturity narrative here: eventually we sober up and grow out of our rash love of intensity (i.e. red); eventually we learn to love more subtle things with more subtlety, etc., etc. But my love for blue has never felt to me like a maturing... for the fact is that one can maintain a chromophilic recklessness well into adulthood."

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