Jan 23, 2014


AZUL by moussy coatigan, Zadig&Voltaire bag, Balenciaga boots, Casio watch

Another look from my stay in Shanghai - I'm back in California and well into the first week of school, simultaneously combatting jetlag and the cold I seem to have gotten right before the planeride. Enjoy these monochromatic vibes with some of my favorite (you guessed it): wall art. Can this wall just be in my room?

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Jan 11, 2014


Club Monaco dress, Sugarlips shirt (underneath), Casio watch, Zara bag

Shanghai is treating me well these days, too well in fact. While I had planned for this break to be productive in terms of summer internship applications and poetry submissions and whatnot, what I've been most productive with as of late has been eating and exploring (partly pictured in the last post here). I have no regrets, but I should really get to writing those cover letters. In the meantime, please don't remind me how soon the start of the next semester is approaching as I indulge in copious amounts of Asian desserts. Happy weekend, my loves xx.

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Jan 3, 2014


Irene's Story cardigan, Callixto ring, American Apparel jeans, Brandy t-shirt, Zadig & Voltaire bag, Chloé boots

People have always claimed that it is difficult to get good coffee in Shanghai, despite its abundance of adorable hole-in-the-wall coffee shops full of vintage cameras and odd knick-knacks.  I found Café del Volcan during my search for the perfect Shanghai latte, and the little store did not disappoint with its self-roasted gourmet coffee beans and tightly-packed seating.  Coincidentally, the Café also happens to be on one of my favorite streets in Shanghai: YongKang Rd. The street boasts enormous character and charm in the form of sidewalk tables (that could rival little bars in Paris) underneath clotheslines, providing for a multicultural, colorful array. On top of that, the street is lined with some of the loveliest walls in the city (hello, pastel and brick goodness) that undeniably show glimpses of both modernity and history (in the form of old Chinese alleyways).  In this sense, YongKang Rd. really embodies the immense change that Shanghai has undergone these past few decades. 

The fact that I happened to be in grayscale (as per usual) also suited my needs, because the street more than compensated for my lack of color with its vibrance.

And of course, the fact that this is my first post of 2014 makes for an obligatory celebration of 2013 and what's to come in the new year. Happy New Years, sweethearts - I am very appreciative of the changes that have come in the past year (from an abundance of self-traveling to new opportunities and new friends), and as I mentioned on Instagram, Reflecting on the past year, I have to acknowledge the self-discovery that was an integral part of 2013. And while some of what we have found scares us, because it may be a flaw or a fear, at least we've discovered it, accepted it, nonetheless. Here's to making resolutions when we feel the need for them, and not just once a year xx. 

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