Dec 29, 2013


Minkpink dress, Zara scarf, Steve madden boots, Casio watch, H&M hat
photos by Emma

Another set of pictures from my romp around Williamsburg with Emma. Williamsburg is without a doubt one of my favorite parts of New York, and I think that Emma really did a magnificent job of capturing what a lazy weekend morning feels like over there, dappled sunlight and all. I also think that this outfit captures part of Williamsburg's essence in my eyes - definitely much more free-spirited than other parts of Manhattan and it's neatly-cut blocks, hence the flowier silhouettes, but still gritty and textured, as indicated by the dark color palette. Placed right beside my last post (on San Fran), I think you have my two current U.S. favorites - I'm pretty certain that I will always be enamored and infatuated with both cities.

P.S. I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and continue to have an even better New Year's!

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Dec 22, 2013


Madewell sweater, Zara skirt, Steve Madden boots, Zadig & Voltaire bag
SOFT by Joie sweater, Madewell jeans, Zara jacket, Marc Jacobs beanie
Club Monaco t-shirt, Zara shirt, American Apparel pants
A quick regurgitation (fitting word, eh?) of my sweetly brief time in San Francisco and San Jose, most of which I spent with my brother. It was really nice seeing him because we only see each other around three times a year, and one of my go-to equations in life is good company and good food (or coffee) in a good city - exactly what my trip consisted of a couple of weeks ago for Thanksgiving weekend. I packed for fuss-free layering, as SF-weather can be quite unpredictable and sometimes we just have to be pragmatic! 
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Dec 16, 2013


With winter's holiday season just beginning (I mean, who are we kidding, we love to extend it for as long as possible) and the subsequent commencement of holiday parties & the like, the issue of what to wear to said parties also becomes increasingly prevalent. For me, personally, with the copious amounts of food consumed during the holiday season, dressing up is one of the last things on my mind as I'd so much rather prefer dressing for comfort. I think that the playsuit offers the perfect alternative for those of you who feel the same way as I do, offering comfort and an unlikely silhouette for the nighttime, and the added shoulder pizazz on this particular number doesn't hurt, either. Hopefully you all have some ideas and are excited for whatever you have planned!

P.S. I'm writing this, jetlagged, from Tokyo!

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Dec 9, 2013


Irene's Story cardigan, Steve Madden boots, American Apparel camisole

Lately I've been loving the look of extremely long outerwear over something a little shorter (I've also been in search of the perfect long-line coat), and dressing in monochrome does give one the option to play with quirkier silhouettes and fabrics. The tendency to only invest in items in basic colors/neutrals has really become a habit of mine, and I can't help but think of it as yet another step towards foreboding adulthood. I mean, it just gets so much easier in the morning when you don't have to think about colors - I'm assuming those who work 9-to-5 have a lot on their mind other than their color-palette for the day.

On another note, here's a song that you'll love to get out of bed to!

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Dec 4, 2013


Zara top and skirt, Steve Madden boots, Casio watch

Photos by Emma Jane Kepley

I mentioned on Instagram that I had the pleasure of briefly shooting and grabbing lunch and tea with the talented Emma while I was in New York - she is so good at what she does (has shot with my love Apneet from Fabric Snob, the beautiful Natalie of Natalie Off Duty, and some of my other favorite New yorkers), and I'm happy to be sharing the first set of photos with you all. These were taken outside of Alice's Tea Cup, which is the cutest little tea shop that Apneet suggested - it also happens to have the best scones. Looking at these photos just make me miss New York so much.

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