Nov 27, 2013


American Apparel pants & bag, H&M coatigan (similar Riller & Fount), Brandy tee (similar A.Wang, Club Monaco, Madewell), Converse (similar Superga)

Dear, Readers:

It's that time of year again - let us welcome the onslaught of generic slogans, spiced scents, sugar-induced food babies, and irrational cheer - all of which I happen to be a big fan of. For this very reason, I am so glad that my blog birthday also happens to fall upon Thanksgiving Day (not only because it makes it easier to remember). And as I have expressed in the past, the thanks and gratitude I have for you all and the past two years of blogging are too seldom iterated - yet really voicing how blessed I continually feel would risk a loss of sincerity. But thank you all, nevertheless, for a beautiful 17531 hours (more or less) of High-Stitched Voice's existence. 

The largeness of the number of hours has become somewhat incomprehensible for me beyond a certain point, but I think that just goes to show how incomprehensible the experience of just being able to interact with you all and express myself through certain outlets for two whole years has been. I hope that fall and its changing colors can do a better way of thanking you through these photos than I can convey through words (alternatively, you can look at the giddy first photo of the post - think of it as my face when y'all are on my mind). 

As with all things (here I am making another generic, overused statement), blogging has had its ups and downs with me this past year (something I mentioned a couple of months ago). Despite the occasional blip, I do need to keep myself in check and remember that ultimately, I am happy writing and creating, and if this isn't going where I envision it to be going, then all I need to do is rethink it. It's been a helluva ride, loves. Thank you, again, for sticking with me. I can only hope for more hours, more creating, and more loving.

In the meantime, I am writing this from San Francisco, as I'm spending Thanksgiving break with my big brother (he's the closest family I have nearby). I am eating (as per usual), exploring the pretty city, and capturing it through my lens. You can keep up to date with my foodie excursions & such on Instagram here.

Happy Holidays!

So, so, so much love,

P.S. Oh, and yes, I am wearing yet again one of my uniformly comfy, mindless ensembles. 

Nov 19, 2013


Balenciaga glasses, Alexander Wang-inspired shoes, Selects skirt

I was invited by Fashionchick to participate in a competition for a chance to attend Amsterdam Fashion Week in documenting what I might wear on one of the days there. You all know how much I adore traveling, and while I've been to Amsterdam years ago when I was much younger, I'd love to re-experience the beautiful city (I mean, who can ever get enough?). I decided to showcase some of my favorite go-to's at the moment, including black in varying textures, some of my favorite old-school classics (e.g. the perfect thick-rimmed glasses), as well as asymmetrical hemlines & A.Wang-esque cut-out boots. Wish me good luck - I'd absolutely go to AFW with Fashionchick

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Nov 13, 2013


Zara hat, ASOS Ridley Ultra Skinny, Monki shirt, Steve Madden boots, Fjallraven backpack

Yes, I do go to class. Yes, I do have to put on clothes instead of pajamas (unfortunately), literally, minutes before class - which means easy dressing and staples have always been a must a for me. It's hard to go wrong or have to worry about mismatched socks and clothing when everything just happens to monochromatically work out - just one of the many perks of dressing in monochrome. With only a few minor tweaks & details in my staples, whether it be opaque polka dots in a classic white shirt, buckles on textured black boots, or zipper detailing in essential black skinnies and a wool hat, a simple outfit can be made a whole lot more interesting (it's all in the details!). 

Also, for those of you who are in the market for a new backpack - I didn't understand the hype behind Fjallraven's Kankens until I realized how lightweight, comfy, and convenient they are. Not to mention that they come in a wide spectrum adorable colors! 

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Nov 3, 2013


Prince Peter tee, Zara skirt, Jeffrey Campbell x Nasty Gal platforms, Casio watch

This season, I've made my penchant for plaid (see here and here) very clear, and I especially seem to like it as an homage to '90s feminine grunge. As a '90s baby, I naturally am drawn to the trend that I missed out as a toddler who wore pastel leggings and pigtails.  You can now think of this as me making up for lost time. I can't get enough of Prince Peter's bold graphics and broken-in fabrics, paired with the structure of a neoprene plaid skirt. Like I said, fem. grunge!

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