Oct 29, 2013


While I was in New York City, I spent a lot of time gathering footage in order to show those of you who have never been, as well as those of you who need a refresher, the sheer beauty of the pretty city. Although I was not able to film all of my experiences (like shooting with the talented Emma Jane, visiting Madison Square Park, some of the many coffee dates in which I drank tea, or shopping and thrifting downtown), I think the video provides for an adequate representation of my time in the city. That being said, NYC's thrumming beauty is impossible to simply capture in a mere photo or video, so I'd suggest you book your ticket right now to experience the city for yourself. Each time I visit, I feel instantly rejuvenated, and I will hopefully be moving out there after I graduate from college! Please enjoy the video and tell me if you'd like to see more of these in the future! 

I've also included a few of my ideal New York outfit essentials, which sadly would require a bottomless wallet, for some inspo. as well. Naturally, a lot of variations of the color black were in need. It's New York, after all. 

New York Minute

New York Minute by highstitchedvoice featuring leather bags

Alexander Wang bag, Alexander Wang boot, J Brand jeans, T by Alexander Wang tank, Acne sweater and coin purse, Marc Jacobs watch, Rag & Bone hat

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Oct 24, 2013


first photo from tumblr

For me, brunch is synonymous with New York City, and that means a lot of brunch for the four days I spent in the pretty city. My first stop, on Saturday, was a trip to Jack's Wife Freda in SoHo, which proved to be just as cute & cozy as its name implied. I think, though, while its hard to go wrong with brunch food, it's the little things that make brunch in NYC different from anywhere else. From hand-drawn-esque cup-holders to white walls to long communal tables & close quarters, everything just tastes better when you like where you are.

I can't wait to show you more photos from my brief trip this past long weekend I had, as well as a video diary! Stay tuned x.

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Oct 15, 2013


UNIF dress & Matiko shoes via PLNDR*, White Crow jacket*, American Apparel bag, Triangl swimsuit*, Casio watch

I don't know what it is about white that has me compulsively mulling over it, appreciating it, and wanting more of it, but then again, I do... That sense of blank slate/cleanliness & calm is unrivaled, and being such a visual person, it's hard not to be immediately attracted to white spaces (& not to mention, white clothing - hello UNIF dress via PLNDR). I've been feeling especially uninspired and confused lately (quarter-life crisis?), and I don't usually like to propagate my own negative feelings out here (because it's supposed to be a happy space!), but I really am desperate to change the direction my blog is headed in. I hope that all of you will stick with me as I take time to try to figure out what exactly I want to express out here in this [happy space], and hopefully, you'll bear with me as I try to produce more refreshing & exciting content. I also, obviously, wish I had what I need to execute all the ideas I have, but it'll come. I love you all so much, and I don't think you know the extent to which those of you who continually comment, email, and support mean to me x. 

P.S. Congrats to Joanne Hsueh for winning the MOOTTA giveaway <3. You'll be contacted soon.
P.P.S Shopbop is having 25% sitewide - go for it (here).

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Oct 5, 2013


Shop Jawbreaking crop top*, Zara jeans (similar One Teaspoon, Rag & Bone), Acne blazer, Charlotte Russe shoes*
Photos by Moor

The top says it all. A quick post that I had to squeeze in to commence this weekend!

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