Aug 30, 2013


MINKPINK dress, converse, No. 21 bag

It's hard to explain, but there's something extremely daunting about aging after you turn eighteen - or at least, that's how I feel! As alien as it sounds to those older or younger than us newly-turned nineteen-year-olds, being nineteen is no such accomplishment at all. It's simply one year older than eighteen, and while both eighteen and twenty sound somewhat substantial, like there's purpose in the number and age, nineteen just seems like I'm trying to be old, when I'm really not at all! 

On top of that, like Dominique from Style 2 Bones mentioned on her 19th birthday just a few days ago, when success is often equated with age and youth, it's hard not to want to stay a single age, just so you can accomplish more at a younger age - especially when influenced by the blogosphere, which is definitely a relatively young industry. As LinkedIn (a website that connects individuals for business opportunities) lowers its minimum age requirement to a measly fourteen years old, it's hard not to feel the resounding weight of the question: am I doing enough with my life? And while these touchy topics and weighty issues are impossible to avoid on one's birthday, it's really more worthwhile to enjoy your cake (vegan strawberry cake in my case!), enjoy good company, and make your wishes. Speaking of which it's almost 11:11! 

So, here's a look that mirrors my desire to hold onto those younger years: youthful blooms in Minkpink, sunny yellows, and that childhood-to-grownup staple of Chuck Taylors at electric sekki (photos by Bryant).

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Aug 26, 2013


Zara skirt and clutch, adidas NEO sneakers*

As a tribute to the imminent end of summer and one of my favorite cities in the world (Shanghai!), I'm combining one of my favorite prints of the summer and the skyscrapers where my heart resides! With tropical prints that have that Hawaiian-tourist-shirt kitsch-factor in reinvented shapes and color palettes. I think that reinventing is, hands down, one of my favorite parts about fashion. I'll be flying out tonight to go back to California, and it's back to college for me in just one more week. I'm really sad to see summer go.

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Aug 22, 2013


Selects shirt via Glassworks*, Zara skirt, Jump From Paper bag*, Maje boots, H&M rings

Just continuing with the mad-for-plaid-for-fall fixation introduced in my last post here. While I feel with a plaid circle skirt it is easy to go wrong, veering towards schoolgirl (unless that is the look that you are going for (; ), the cool color palette and lighter fabric of the skirt help reinvent the plaid skirt. I absolutely love clashing these textures and patterns together and can see this skirt, shirt, and boots easily becoming my favorite transitioning pieces for the fall xx! 

Where I am: Still in Shanghai - but I'm leaving in less than a week. Bittersweet feelings as always!
What I've been readingForty Days of Dating (so good!)
What I've been wearing: This crop top, flat pointy boots, A Wang inspired. 
What I've been eating: Salmon, arugula, and avocado!
What I've been listening to: (shout out to Eric ^-^!)

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Aug 17, 2013


MINKPINK pinafore / MINKPINK coat / Brandy Melville bralette / Bryant's bag and shoes / BCBGeneration bracelet* / House of Holland sunnies

If you follow me on Instagram (@highstitchedvoice), you would have seen my rendezvous with red at Electric Sekki last week. When in Hong Kong on my last full day, I was lucky enough to visit the lovely folks (shout-out to Priscilla and Fiona!) and their showroom over at Electric Sekki for a style jam. There was literal fashion drool dripping from my hungry jaws - Minkpink, Stylestalker, One Teaspoon, Twenty8Twelve... you name it (so many of my favorite Aussie designers from down under) - I was experiencing a serious case of fall closet envy and really wanted to take this tartan pinafore dress home. Working with their fall pieces really put me in a fall mindset, and I'm now overly eager for layers, shearling, wool hats, and oh-so-much-more. Fall always tends to be too short-lived in my eyes. I have never been much of a red person, but this fall, I've become completely smitten with red check (Hello, Zara's August/September Lookbook). 

Bryant from Fashon Crave, sweet as always, offered to tag along to help photograph the ensembles that I came up with, and we had so much fun sweating in fall clothes in summer weather, playing with mannequins, and stopping by Central to grab gelato and browse Topshop afterwards. I am definitely missing him, Zoe, Hong Kong and its delicious food and busy vibes! I will be heading back to California from Shanghai in a little over a week. 

Much Love & Happy Weekend,

P.S. Please ask me anything in the comments down below or email me at for an upcoming FAQ/ABOUT ME video xx!

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Aug 13, 2013


Champion x Pyrex shirt, Phillip Lim-inspired Zara shoes, Zara bag, Supreme snapback, Coach bracelet

On my second full day in Hong Kong, I spent it having tea with Zoe and Bryant, cafe-hopping, if you will. In Sheung Wan, where Bryant refers to as the "hipster-area" of Hong Kong, there is a multitude of cafes - nooks and crannies where you can find iced chocolate made from real chocolate bars and greek yoghurt topped with granola, bananas, and blueberries. We took obligatory polaroids, and delighted in matching shirts and snapbacks!

I miss them dearly already - they are like blogger siblings to me <3.

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Aug 9, 2013


After arcading and sticky pics, Zoe, from Fashiononymous, and I stopped by the American Apparel at Lab Concept in Hong Kong (@aahongkong) to style some coordinating outfits as she is the newly appointed AA Hong Kong Instagrammer (Congrats, love!). Just your basic summer essentials for fuss-free, mindless dressing. Like I said earlier, Zoe was so fun to photograph <3! Plus, wearing coordinating outfits is a lot more fun when we're almost the exact same height!

Stay tuned for my Hong Kong Pt. III post with more Zoe and Bryant from fashoncrave.

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