Jul 30, 2013


 no name shirt + skirt / Brandy Melville bralette // Jeffrey Campbell sandals // Zara clutch

I love the way this netted shirt/dress allows for so many more layers and dimension to an outfit - intrigue, intrigue! In my many attempts to make dressing on 100+ F humidity less painful and more interesting, I have tried my hand at the counterintuitive (as per usual) - layers. While most layers tend to add heat, this net hardly counts as a layer, and really does allow for some breathability and modesty (with the length of the sleeves). The other additional bonus is the overlay effect of a net over the grid on my skirt - so, huzzah for layers that don't add bulk or heat! Perfect for sloths like me.

I find myself consistently drawn to doing the counterintuitive... in that little head of mine, I've somehow conceived the notion that I'm somewhat of a trailblazer, on the prowl for new shortcuts in ensembles - I'm glad it actually worked this time (I was no hotter than I would have been in a tank and shorts)! Humor me ;).

By the way, I will be heading to Hong Kong next Monday (and finally get to see my lovelies Zoe and Bryant) - so if y'all have any recommendations (I'm technically part Cantonese, but still open to suggestions), shoot me an email: stephanie_m_h@hotmail.com. Or, you can always just say a quick hi!

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Jul 26, 2013


Monki tank top (similar 1, 2), Helmut Lang-inspired skirt (similar), Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Welcome to the 1933 art deco abattoir (or, in less euphemistic terms, slaughterhouse) in Shanghai that has since been transformed into an art hub/creative space! As far as my ardent love of monochrome and clean lines goes, I can easily say that it extends to architecture and open spaces as well. One of my favorite places that I have ever shot at, this building seamlessly coordinates with the color palette of my outfit, but harshly coordinates with the soft drape and fluidity of the fabrics I'm wearing. Against the geometric staircases and hexagonal pillars (not to mention the suffocating humidity), liquid folds and lack of structure in clothing are a welcoming change.

I have thankfully settled back into China's timezone, but am ridiculously withdrawn from Paris... I just want to be eating a baguette while reading in the Parc de Buttes-Chaumont right now. That would be nice, but then again, a lot of things would be nice, wouldn't they ;)?

P.S. I got my hair chopped - I'm not sure if you guys can tell? 

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Jul 21, 2013


Zara jeans and shirt, Kani crown, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

I was invited by Lucky Mag to join in on theDasani Drops Flavorfy competition, creating a look inspired by the Mixed Berries Flavor. Those who know me know that I'm a huge smoothie person, and I absolutely adore all berries! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to combine subtle pinks and blues against a smashing Parisian red wall. It is very likely that the wall has outshone me, but what can you do, it's Paris. I love the warm reds and pinks and smattering of blues found in mixed berries, and in the most cliché way possible, I think that berries are flowers for the tongue. So, here I am, in pinks, blues, and flowers, reppin' the Mixed Berries flavor. I am back in Shanghai, jetlagged, missing Paris, but please vote for my outfit and post over here, and it would make not being in Paris that much better xx!          
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Jul 11, 2013


Zara dress (similar) / COS sandals / Zara bag

Sticky days of moisture and wetness and packed train rides call for breathable fabrics, lack of complication, and flat shoes. Plus, who doesn't want to wear white when in the gardens of Versailles? The gardens were absolutely a dream to be lost in - definitely my favorite part of the palace. Having been to the palace before, what I really wanted to see again was the immaculateness of the garden's greenery and feel sandwiched by neat bushes on either side of you. Throw in a sculpture, or fountain, or two, and voila!

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Jul 4, 2013


Diane von Furstenburg suit / Zadig & Voltaire clutch / Jeffrey Campbell heels / Express crop / BCBGeneration bracelet* / H&M silver rings / Bella vi Boutique wishbone ring*

Last Monday I attended On Aura Tout Vu's haute couture show during Paris Fashion Week - this was my ensemble for the day. The show was absolutely breathtaking - for those of you unfamiliar with the designer duo's work, Google is your friend. 

Nothing's as easy as getting dressed in a two-piece that does the trick for you, especially if it comes in your favorite subtle color that just happens to match your nails and if it comes in your favorite print of the season (see similar print here). Amidst assignments, hurrying to the fashion show and then to class, and trying to fit in meals between all that, my time here in Paris is going by much too quickly. There's just too much to see, too much to write, and too much to eat... I've only got a little more than two weeks in this lovely city.

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