Jun 27, 2013


COS jumper / Topshop skirt / Zara bag (similar here) / Maje boots

Pebbled leather white perfection in these shoes - the only downfall is that my two feet tend to be princesses that find walking over ten blocks in these somewhat tiring. But sale season during summer in Paris definitely warrants the coveting of Parisian brands like Sandro and Maje, as well as the usual loves - Helmut Lang, A Wang, and Phillip Lim... Someday.

In the meantime, I've been inundated with poems to write and poems to read. Bisous!

P.S. Shopbop is doing a 25% off all sale items until the 28th - go crazy. You're welcome! 
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Jun 18, 2013


Motel Rocks jacket*, Brandy Melville top

This is actually an outfit from back in March; yet another one of the many sets of photos that I have taken and forgotten to post on my blog for some arbitrary reason.  Hopefully, it will succeed in satiating your appetites (if you actually have any, for my blog, that is), while I am snapping away in Paris! So excited to show you all my first post from this pretty city. 

I've obviously made my love for the overalls trend clear, and with this jumpsuit (the only jumpsuit I own, by the way), I was hesitant on wearing it with its near-juvenile print and shape. However, making it appear as if they were overalls, and layering the heck out of them, seemed to do the trick! As always, my go-to colors of black, white, and blue. 

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Jun 16, 2013


Minkpink floral dress / Asos beanie / Zara bag and shoes

In my last post, I delved into my own qualms about wearing dresses; so I decided to exemplify my worries and the ways I overcome my fears of extensive-girlishness. This dress is an oldie but a goodie (post from a year ago here); what drew me to it was the black detailing that allowed for versatility when styling. My go-to contrast against a feminine piece is usually some leather, especially a leather jacket, but the Shanghai humidity is sadly too suffocating for that kind of warmth. I chose to instead grungify/toughen up the dress with a slouchy beanie, knotted cardigan, and heavy-duty shoes (reminiscent of Phillip Lim).

In other words, this is probably one of the two floral-print pieces that I'm bringing with me to Paris this summer (the other being that one daisy skirt). Packing is always such a problem for me; I always just end up feeling a tad bit uninspired...but, I'm sure just breathing in the Paris air will be inspiring - flying out there tonight!

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man (or woman), then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast." - Hemingway

P.S. A friend's friend, Nina, who has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma, has two more months to live. She is about 30 years old, recently married and has a three-year-old son. more info can be found out here. It would really be amazing if you guys could get tested for a bone marrow match. 

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Jun 13, 2013


Sandro sweatshirt, Chicwish tote*, Blank NYC jeans, Valentino pumps (borrowed from my mamma), Messeca flats via Fortyeight*

Unattainable, pointy, angular, delicious Valentino pump perfection, meet slouchy Sandro sloth sweatshirt heaven - I'm pretty sure you two were meant to be soulmates, just as this black tote was meant to be paired with my metal-capped Messeca flats from my favorite people over at Fortyeight. As a child, I used to object to all shoes pointy - I even told my mother to never wear her pointy shoes - but I just can't seem to deny the slick, sharp charm of something as on point as a pointy shoe. The fact that the point also happens to elongate one's legs is just another added bonus. So, here, I introduce you to two pointy variations that have stolen my red, red heart, albeit one pair isn't even mine. 

With my flight to Paris in three days, I'll be wearing a variation of the second outfit (hello, looser, comfier, boyfriend jeans) - and as cliché as it seems to think about bright red and Paris, those are the kinds of vibes that I've been feeling. 

My reader Toyin (<3) recently commented on my last post saying that my style is "tomboy meets class," and it was honestly one of the best comments I've ever received. If I'm being completely truthful here, I really didn't know, and still don't truly know, what to call my style - I only know for certain that I adore juxtaposition and contradiction. I love to pair a slouchy sweatshirt with sleek shoes, and while there are times when I reach for pastels, florals, pinks, and flowy fabrics, I stray away from conventionally feminine silhouettes (they scare me). Being too girly scares me - I guess it's because it's just A) not my thing, and B) what everyone expects of girls - for them to dress girly. I don't see the point in confirming expectations. While I'm not afraid of girly prints and colors, I'm deathly afraid of girly shapes. If you've noticed, the rare times I do enjoy wearing dresses are when they come in maxi/shift/shapeless/dropwaist form. I've only recently ventured into formfitting/bodycon territory upon the dawning realization that I could contrast the über-feminine silhouette with sneakers and other very chunky, androgynous shoes. 

Up until now, I've told interviewers that my style is ever-changing and evolving, but basic with a twist. Like this classic red sweatshirt - a necessary basic - with the twist of leather elbow patches. I guess right now, that twist is this tomboy/class thing - but I do think Toyin knew how to encapsulate it way better than I did! I've never thought of myself as a tomboy, and I wish I could say Toyin's definition could now be my go-to self-defined style in three words, but I'm not the kind of blogger that has just one style. I often wish I did, but growing up in various cities, constantly traveling, and feeling the undercurrents beneath each different city has made me fickle and eclectic as well. Sometimes, I just feel like I'm trying to define something as amorphous as the blobs on my jacket from the last post. I hope I somewhat succeeded in my description, lovelies! I'd really, really, really love to hear what you guys think describes my style - so please do comment down below x.

Much love,

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Jun 11, 2013


Asos beanie, Zara jacket and clutch, Minkpink shorts, BCBGeneration bracelets*, Bella Vi Boutique wishbone ring*, H&M rings and ear cuff, Puzzle sneaker wedges, Topshop socks

Surprise, surprise - yet another outfit with a similar monotonous color palette. I've decided to restyle the crop top I wore in last week's post here so that you can get an idea of how I incorporate basics again and again!

My favorite print of the season is this kind of amorphous, splotchy, unidentifiable print. While florals have always been something to gravitate towards during the warmer months, and I still do enjoy a nice smattering of blooms, this somewhat monochromatic splotchy print steals the spotlight for me - at times, the splotchiness even resembles flowers, at times it leans more towards an animal print. I like to think of it as an air of mystery rather than the print's indecisiveness to really declare what it wants to be. Put it on a cotton bomber, add some neon yellow piping, and I'm sold! I think at this point, you guys are pretty familiar with the few places that I like to regularly shop at. 

I also finally scored a pair of sneaker wedges after a year of lusting after Isabel Marant's and Ash's notorious suede pairs. While the trend still seems to be raging full-force, I like how the wedge is especially hidden, giving me some extra wiggle room in case the trend does die out. This particular pair of kicks also happens to be just a lot more butch and masculine than its fellow counterparts with its chunky laces and mish-mash of black textures - perfect as a chunky contrast to more feminine get-ups! 

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Jun 6, 2013


BCBGeneration tote*, Zara overalls and sandals, Express crop

I know that a lot of you were looking for overalls similar to the pair I wore in my last overalls post here, and unfortunately, because they are vintage, I couldn't offer you guys any luck with that piece. However, I decided to style a pair of non-vintage overalls so that you all can replicate the look at your own ease. Be it with heels or Phillip Lim-esque sandals, I find that overalls are easily one of the most versatile pieces for summer. Especially since I'm a huge denim gal. Denim, denim, denim.

The tote bag is without a doubt one of my favorite shapes of bags simply because it is universally practical and thus, timeless. The one I am carrying is from my visit to BCBGeneration. I visited the girls over at BCBGeneration around two weeks ago. They put up a lovely interview of me here, and it was so fun getting to see their eclectic workspace and meeting the sweet girls behind their marketing department. I love them to the moon and back! I'll definitely be going back again sometime - in the meantime, check out the photos of me there and my answers to their probing questions!

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Jun 4, 2013


Zara skort and shirt, Chicwish bag*, Steve Madden shoes, Boy London hat

Three weeks prior I was at a point where the most exciting thing about waking up was jumping out of bed, grabbing my Samsung phone, and checking my emails back in the comfort of my bed. I set alarms to account for the ten minutes that I would spend in my bed every morning just catching up on what I had missed in the online world and my alter ego of a blogger. 

Mentioned in last week's post, an internet intervention was much needed, and while this meant going AWOL for a few days, it was nice to be able to fully appreciate what it's like to not have something I constantly need to be checking. No more Instagram at the dinner table, no more emails every morning. I let the emails accumulate, my inbox reaching an all-time high. 

I didn't realize how consumed I was with this alternate universe until I left the US and was without 4G internet in Shanghai. Here I was, again, asking each restaurant and establishment for their internet password. Detaching myself proved to be a struggle. But alas, I feel as if I have somewhat succeeded!

Much like my need to minimize and simplify with the internet, my personal style has also gravitated towards minimalism in the past year - hence the monochrome and basics à la Céline-esque structure. 

Much love xx - thanks for putting up with my ridiculous antics and rants. I feel like the internet is a place for me to dump my brain junk. 

PS. excuse my cuts and scrapes - the klutz in me (who am I kidding? The klutz is me.) decided to take a few falls. 

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