May 25, 2013


I've been immersed in complete paradise - blurry horizon lines and moon reflections and all. I thought that this dress adequately encapsulated the vibes of Palos Verdes, and it's fittingly called the Juhu Beach dress. However, due to my inexperience with the area, I had no idea that you actually have to climb to reach the tide pools, and it was thus very impractical for me to have been wearing flip flops and a dress of this length. Needless to say, it was a struggle upon each deathly encounter with rocks. Aside from the beach, this dress can easily be taken to the city with some Phillip Lim gladiator-esque sandals, or maybe some Tibi heels for nights on the town. 

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May 21, 2013


Madewell sweater, H&M sunnies, Twistband hairtie*

Along with my staple white, I love injecting ensembles with lively doses of neon. I couldn't really pass up on this lightweight summer sweater, a combination of my favorites: a neon yellow, white, and breathable linen (similar MadewellJoieVinceEquipmentFeel the PieceJean Paul GautierBanjo & Matilda sweaters). A few posts back, I showed you samplings of what neon accessories I would pair with all-white ensembles here, dealt with a heavy hand of Marc Jacobs' signature electric hues. Looking to eventually invest in a summer crossbody for a hint of color as well! 

These photos were all taken at Hermosa beach. I have been staying at a friend's house in Palos Verdes for a few days before heading back home to Shanghai. A much-needed break from the stress of packing and finals, we've been letting the sun consume us, taking long drives with the radio repeating our not-so-favorite songs, and eating a buttload of Asian food (aka boba, green tea mochi, sushi). I'm actually writing this from the sauna right now, and I've been able to take a quasi-detox from the internet and social media, only using my laptop for around an hour a day. So, yes, like the sign says, I am in paradise.

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May 19, 2013


Zara jeans, American Apparel backpack

Margaret over at Shine by Three mentioned the other day that boyfriend jeans are the best for the plane, and I could not agree more. They are my go-to plane pants - suffice to say, these too-big denim pants are the equivalent of my day sweatpants. Once you start wearing them, you'll never go back. I'm 100% serious. And contrary to what you think, I promise that you'll look great in them, no matter what height you are! You can always slip on some heels or platforms if you're worried about the lack of structure above the feet.

I will be lounging in these in four days to catch a flight back to Shanghai! I am finally free of finals, and am so excited to catch up with friends, family, and sleep. This past week has been somewhat brutal, and in the midst of packing and storing my stuff for the summer (it took about 20 hours), I felt this tremendous frustration with the massive monstrosity that is my possessions - honestly, who needs that much stuff, Stephanie?

On another note, I'm delighted to share with you all a screenshot from the Zara website - I've been featured in their Zara People! section. It's such an honor, especially because I'm a huge fan.

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May 8, 2013


Hannah's vintage overalls, She Likes sandals*, Bella Vi necklace*, Forever 21 cropped turtleneck

If I were to quiz you on my essentials, here's your one-stop study guide:

A) minimalist sandals, Awang style, like these from She Likes (heels optional): when there's just so much unnecessary fuss and your eyes just need a detox from the rest of the busy world, there is nothing more welcoming than a double-strapped slice of minimalist heaven. Case in point, also here and here
B) silver: I am not a gold person. While I do appreciate the occasional rose-gold, especially in watches, I just prefer the industrialist and more modern vibe that silver seems to exude. Again, it's just so much easier on the eyes. Plus, silver (here and here) just complements my tendency towards the monochrome.
Speaking of which, brings us to:
C) monochrome: I love white, black, and gray. I think I probably over-emphasized that fact a tad bit too much the last few months. 
What is even better is when this monochrome is in:
D) denim: um, I don't really think there's a need to clarify - but while some say that a prose poem must be "its own best excuse for being," I do think denim tends to do that by itself. 
E) snapbacks/obnoxious text: enough said.

I also think my love of overalls is self-explanatory, like the satisfying click that the straps make when hooking on to the buttons, overalls are just so effortless. As for the title, I am officially done with classes for my first year of college (hurrah!), but have a week left of finals, research papers, and presentations left *insert helpless puppy dog face here*. Hope you all are in a better boat xx!

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May 4, 2013


Lulu's carcass tank*, Brandy Melville skirt and jacket, vintage belt

Among my favorite things in the world (which is definitely hard to define, as the world is such a lovely place filled with lovely things), flowers would probably be pretty high up on that list, along with tea, books, and frozen yogurt...

Of all flowers, my favorite would have to be daisies. Be it printed on items of clothing, Marc Jacobs daisy studs, or just the flower  itself, , I'm just drawn to the simplicity of daisies and their simplicity. I love how unremarkably remarkable they are, if that makes sense. Understated and overlooked, I just can't get enough.

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