Apr 30, 2013


Neon and White
Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, phone case, and flats, Tibi top, Zara skort

White and salmon
Chloé bag, Topshop dungarees and crop top, Acne boots

cobalt and neon
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, flats, jewelry, Vivienne Westwood wallet, 3.1 Phillip Lim shirt, Current/Elliot denim

With my aforementioned tendency to dress in monochrome, black for the cold winter months and white for sticky summers (and denim on denim all-year-round), I just can't help but be drawn to more and more white pieces as we bring the fans out to combat humidity indoors. While I often gravitate towards finishing all-white outfits with even more white, or metallics (silver) accessories, I just love the look of highlighter, super-saturated hues against the simplicity of a white backdrop.

As I seek to extend my closet for the upcoming summer, I am in the market for some good old all-white  ensembles as well as intensely-colored accessories that just make you feel alive. That's why they call it electric-blue, right? I've definitely got my eye on these Marc Jacobs, Chlo√®, and Vivienne Westwood bags.

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Apr 27, 2013

For Lookbook

Vans hat via Urban Outfitters, Zara bag, Choies leggings*, Jeffrey Campbell sandals, Lookbook t-shirt

Lucite heels, metallics, monochrome love - the equivalent of my formulaic equation for instantaneous love. I just can't stop gravitating towards outfits like this one! 

As for the t-shirt, I'm sure most of you recognize the iconic "hype" button on my shirt from Lookbook.nu. This was gifted to me by my friend Jeff (who is the sweetest!) who works there, and honestly, I'm a huge advocate of the site just because it is what got my blog started. Over a year ago, when I didn't have a blog, I simply shared my love for the virtual fashion world through Lookbook. I began to get more and more questions about whether I had a blog or not, which is why I chose to finally take the plunge on Thanksgiving day. And I have everything to be thankful for!

Love you all soooo much!

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Apr 20, 2013

EARTH 2077

Sugarlips fabric block shirt*, Carmar shorts, Free People platform shoes

Simple pleasures for spring.

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Apr 13, 2013


Arnhem kimono*, Greentag t-shirt*, Gypsy Warrior skirt*, Charlotte Russe heels*, Giant Vintage sunnies*, ASOS beanie

Coming to California for school, I had formed all the assumptions, interpretations, and idealized versions of what life here would be like, thinking that I would be frequenting festivals and flea markets, and driving down endless, limitless deserts. This may all be very well possible, but I don't happen to own a car, rendering my fantasies useless. However, this post in itself is an ode to all things Californian, and after being here for almost a year, I can testify to the fact that many of my assumptions do hold some truth - which is why I'm standing here in a double-slit maxi and an impossibly soft kimono. I have often said in interviews that my style is influenced by my surroundings, and I really can't imagine wearing some of the things I wear in another city, another state, or another country.

There are, after all, cacti within a one-mile radius to me, and the dry sun continues to work its magic. But, I digress. One of the first and foremost facets of the Californian lifestyle that I love is the attention to the environment and green-living. As a longtime advocate of efforts to give back to the environment, I have thoroughly enjoyed living somewhere that lets you do so easily!

The shirt I'm wearing is an upcycled t-shirt by my passionate and innovative friends Armand and Chris, who have this amazing LA-based startup called Greentag on kickstarter that completely reuses whole t-shirts, giving them new lives with new graphics and washes, often on top of the original tee's artwork. It would mean the world to us if you could support/donate/shop their kickstarter (here) to give these two hopefuls a chance to help our earth <3. They won't be able to go into full-fledged production until they raise enough money; so please, help out!

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Apr 12, 2013


Lulu's Lucca Couture t-shirt*, One teaspoon shorts, Brandy Melville Jacket, BCBGeneration bracelet*

So, here I am, 1.5 hours away from Palm Springs, just sooooo close to Coachella - which is why all these amazing bands stop by before Coachella to play for my neighboring cities. Sadly though, I was neither able to go to any of the concerts (including Yeasayer's last night), nor can I go to Coachella! Instead, I am posting photos of outfits that I would potentially wear to Coachella, all the while dreaming about sticky thighs, sour lemonade, and sensational music. Such is the life of a college-student/blogger. Check out the video I made featuring the outfit here.

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Apr 6, 2013


BCBGeneration dress and bracelet*

I obviously have already expressed my love for unconventional shapes and drop-waist/peplum hybrids. And a bright pink against sunny yellow? Irresistible!

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Apr 4, 2013


As of late, I have lost myself within the monstrosity that is my closet/wardrobe in my attempts to do spring cleaning. But really, I'm just appreciating all things spring. This is going to come off overly-sentimental, but you know that feeling you get when you wake up in the morning, there's sunlight streaming through the bathroom, and you just feel satisfied being there? Despite whatever stress you may feel with life, etc., spring kind of embraces you in an all-accepting way - kind of like the world's way of notifying you: I'm happy you're here, so you should be happy to be here, too. Well, at least, that's how I feel, and I do have a tendency to be exceedingly corny! 
transitioning clothes / Leica M9-P / Zara boyfriend jeans / botanical gardens
Free People platform shoes*
Lookbook.nu premiere party w/ bloggers Dominique and Kendall in Hollywood
Choies shorts* / details / Motel Rocks jacket* / Tsumori Chisato top