Mar 27, 2013


Tank top c/o Free People, 67 boots c/o Gypsy Warrior, HSV bracelet c/o BCBGeneration, Zara purse and dress (old, worn underneath)

My rant from the last post detailing my infatuation with white ensembles presents itself in the form of this outfit. In addition to the color white, I (and my lovely blogger counterparts, like my other half Zoe) have been loving white mesh and metallics (which includes that of the holographic sort, as seen on various runways ranging from Stella McCartney to Nanette Lepore). Yet it's pretty obvious that white and silver are perfect for a fast-approaching summer. In fact, a silly little thought popped into my head the other day: if you think about it, both whites and metallics like silver are thought of as methods of combatting global warming, as they reflect the sun to ensure that heat isn't absorbed! So, here I am, dressing to combat global warming (not really, but you know, it always helps to pragmatically justify an otherwise impractical art form aka fashion). 

In my attempt to search for a form of white mesh - I've dissected a Zara dress (it's detachable) that my best friend gifted me last summer; it originally had another white lace shift underneath it. I have chosen, instead, to wear it scandalously on its own (no worries, over a pair of shorts).

Anyhow, I've been in love with both structure/minimalism (look at my nails) as well as fluid fabrics. While I've recently acquired some beautifully-structured pieces like my purse and the notorious Zara skort (here), which are just breathtaking in their clean-lines, I'm also drawn to the movement of drapey pieces like this Free People tank I'm wearing. In their shapelessness, these flowy pieces, with a life of their own, paradoxically find shape. I just happen to love clothing without a waistline, or with a simple dropwaist, both of which I find much more refreshing than your typical dress/shirt-form. 

And of course, who can resist a good old harness boot to ground a very buoyant outfit? 

See you soon lovelies, xx! My weekend starts tomorrow - will be attending an exciting event that I'll tell you about later! 

Mar 25, 2013


dress c/o Chicwish, hat from Inner Mongolia

I love a good white dress - in fact, I just love wearing white no matter what season it is. From winter's substantial, heavy, or furry white coats, to spring's chunky white sandals, to summer's diaphanous white frocks, I just feel happy wearing the color! It's clean, it's calming, it's cooling. Throughout all seasons, I just adore the timelessness of a good all-white ensemble.

The one thing, however, about white dresses that I find myself struggling with is making sure that they appear different with each wear. They often say a lot standing alone - which is completely fine, but I do love variety and newness. Especially in the hot, sticky, summer heat, it's a hassle to pile on the layers and jackets to spice it up a bit, so the route I most likely take is with accessories - like this black cowboy hat! There's just something about how it transforms the dress, maybe how the darkness adds an edge to the lace and girlish collar of the dress, or maybe even how the western influences completely re-context the dress! I'm not particularly a huge fan of cowboy boots (although I do love the song Cowboy Boots by Macklemore - don't judge), but I enjoy how the hat is a more subtle homage to the west.

To be completely honest here, I prefer wearing separates over wearing dresses, just because I think that there's more room for depth and intrigue when you can combine and really take advantage of the possibilities of mixing up various pieces - but when the dress is right, I will definitely hop on the train.

I have also filmed a video for you all ft. Lulu's (the rest of the outfits will be in future posts), as I had a bit of extra time during spring break, and rather than write essays, I decided to do something I wouldn't normally be able to do when school is happening! Please tell me your thoughts and opinions - if you guys enjoy it, I'll definitely be making more! I think it is now very evident that frolicking in the fields is one of my favorite pastimes - yes, boys, and girls, I adore flowers (for future reference, wink, wink).

PS. On another note, my friend is in the running for this internship contest here. It would be lovely if you guys could vote for her by searching her name "Brennan" and voting three times!

Mar 22, 2013


H&M sweater
sneakers c/o adidas NEO
tank and leggings c/o Ellie

Leather caps, streamlined legs, white micromesh, baseball caps, sweatpants with heels - what's not to love about the sports luxe trend? While I've heard many say that there is no defining feature of 21st century fashion, the sports luxe trend is one of those trends that is completely new, refreshing, and intriguing. It's a complete 180 from the horrifically delightful jazzercise clothes of the eighties.

In addition to the deliberate appearance of juxtaposing the sporty against the luxurious, there's the obvious pragmatic bonus of being able to leave the gym with only a few tweaks to your outfit. It's really not all that hard with ready-to-wear that looks more and more like sports wear, and sports wear that looks more and more like ready-to-wear.

I'm wearing Ellie, which is website that releases a monthly capsule collection, meshing both fitness and fashion - I really adore the attention to detail that the brand has, evident in its intricate backs and pretty colors. These clothes make sports luxe easy, and working out just as easy - water-proof leggings? Yes. Check it out here where you can get 20% off as a new member!

PS. On another note, my friend is in the running for this internship contest here. It would be lovely if you guys could vote for her by searching her name "Brennan" and voting three times!

Mar 2, 2013


leggings c/o chicwish, Nasty Gal x JC Orion's, Boy London tee, flannel from Hong Kong

Happy Saturday, all - I can only say that I am probably just as relieved, if not more, than all of you that the weekend is here! I actually spent more hours in the library than I did sleeping in these past few days. However, because it is the weekend, that sort of comes hand-in-hand with more time at the library - sigh. Here's a quick outfit post with some of my staples: velvet leggings, platform boots, and items with somewhat obnoxious, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, text! 

This background is a shout-out to the lovely Jill from Little Black Boots - who took photos here as well - and it's technically part of my college, so I will be coming back for more, definitely! Thanks, Jill - check out her blog here - it's amazing!