Jan 30, 2013


draped coat c/o Chicwish, Burberry shirt, Carmar shorts, Asos belt

On my list of things to acquire was a furry white coat - and while this draped coat was meant to be worn the other way around, I figured this functioned quite well reversed! 

On another note, I am beyond excited to go to New York in a week - I honestly feel so blessed to have this opportunity. I will be going with a group of bloggers from all over the world to help out and attend Adidas NEO's show! While I'll be missing nine classes/three days of class, it definitely will be worth it!

Jan 22, 2013


Boy london sweatshirt, Diesel skirt, Urban Outfitters tights, Topshop socks, Burberry shirt

I have to let you guys in on a little something something - I think I'm becoming somewhat of a daredevil - you know, since I've been parking in the middle of highways to take photos. Anyhow, I'm back in California now. I just had my first day of classes and am also suffering from a major case of jetlag (I've been waking up at 6 AM)! Thus, I am refraining from saying a lot, because my sleepy self can barely form coherent sentences. Nighty night, lovelies!

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Ms. Dressy giveaway here.
P.P.S. Yes, I wear glasses! Rarely!

Jan 15, 2013


dress c/o Ms. Dressy

Fun fact about me: I love giving gifts! Honestly, it's just so gratifying to see when you've tried really hard to find something that someone will love and seeing their reaction. I know that I can't necessarily do something as personal as that with my readers here on my blog, but a gift is a gift! So, in order to win an $80 voucher from Ms. Dressy, an online boutique that creates tailored dresses like the one I'm wearing above, follow the four steps below!

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4. Leave a comment with the email you've used on Ms. Dressy as well as your GFC or Facebook username here or on my Facebook page. 

For additional entries, follow me on Instagram or follow me on Bloglovin' and comment again with your username. In order to be contacted about your prize you must leave a comment! The winner will be chosen two weeks from now on the 29th by random.org. 

Jan 12, 2013


Mother denim, Nasty Gal x Jeffrey Campbell Orion platforms, ASOS belt

Obviously, taking pictures in the middle of the road makes for a lot of pointing at cars and dodging/running away from the aggressive drivers in a city where pedestrians don't necessarily win. Yet that also means that these people are simply passersby, and will not stop to gawk. Unless they, in the unlikely situation, stop the car just to watch. I know these lovely Jeremy Scott imitation pieces have been all over the place (thanks to Cara Delevingne), making Bart famous in industries (aka fashion) he never thought he could've made it in - especially considering that he always wears the same t-shirt and blue shorts, but hey, that's what you call iconic, right? I just couldn't resist the whim of the pieces, not to mention the fact that if I do wear this on the first day of spring semester, I'll definitely have a conversation-starter. 

Anyhoo, the past week for me has consisted of so many outings to various restaurants (I hadn't eaten at home in a whole week!), so today I took the liberty of staying in my pyjamas for the majority of the day to watch The Hobbit and roll around in bed. However, I do want to let you experience (or at least visually experience) the masses of food that I have been eating (and what other things I've been doing this break) in a few photo diaries once I get the photos ready! I was highly considering posting a photo diary that consisted solely of food, but I doubt that will be as interesting for you all as it is for me (as I am a tad bit obsessed).

There are only two days left to vote through Fashiolista to send me to NYFW (for an extended amount of time), and my chances are slim, but why go down without a fight? Please vote here if you haven't already! Thanks for the support you guys have shown me thus far - you really are the best!

P.S. That slit in the knee of my jeans was actually the result of me falling on my face when skateboarding. I highly advise that you lovelies don't try it!