Sep 28, 2012

True colors

vintage satchel from Coach, bowler from Topshop, blouse c/o shopakira, sweater from Zadig and Voltaire, borrowed Litas from JC 

I've been taking out the knits and warm colors in anticipation of fall weather. While fall may not have hit SoCal yet, some leaves are beginning to fall, and my restless self is eager for layer upon layer. 

Sep 23, 2012


Sweater + shorts c/o Mexy Shop, mini-satchel c/o OASAP, flatforms + beanie from ASOS

Sun, sun, sun! With the never-ending summer here in SoCal, the pastels and florals will continue to bloom! These are some of my favorite colors to wear - and sweaters are great for chilly classrooms and sprinkler mist. I was so happy to have gotten third place in the recent ASOS Fashionfinder competition - I got these comfy flatforms with my voucher! Hurrah!

This outfit is dedicated to Analisa of Rouge Fox, who is like my honorary big sister here in the blogosphere! I adore her personality, style, and infatuation with florals - so give her blog some lovin'!

Mexy has kindly featured me here - I find the idea of "Stephanie's Set" hilarious! 

Sep 22, 2012

Criss-cross, applesauce

Finders Keepers top c/o Runway Scout, disco pants from American Apparel, wedges and spiked bracelet c/o OASAP, beanie from ASOS

I've been living in beanies these days, and have happily added two from ASOS to my small collection. So this post somewhat includes a few of my recent staples, including disco pants - which are perfect for breezy California summer nights. Another essential for me is definitely the cross-body bag - I'm the type of person who hates carrying a lot of stuff, and even if I do have a lot of books for class, I'd rather just carry them in my arms rather than stuff them into a satchel. 

I would like to point out, that though sequins may not be a constant staple for me, I love the shape and the subtle shimmer as well! It's more of a champagne than a gold - I like that about it. Finders Keepers is definitely one of my favorite brands, among other Australian brands (they seriously have the best stuff), like Cameo, which can be found at Runway Scout!

I'd also like to share with you guys that I'm collaborating with, which is a company that I really support because of what they do for budding models and photographers out there! I really do love the fashion community, and I always enjoy meeting other people who share the same passion in self-expression and creation. Model Management specializes in connecting agencies, models, and photographers - whether they are new or professional, all over the world!

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Sep 18, 2012


nude blouse c/o shopakira, peep toe wedges c/o OASAP, skirt from BCBG

Why, yes, this is my beautiful campus - the very campus that I will be living on for the next four years! As you all know, I have an unhealthy affinity for embellished collars, and I really can't wait to layer this shopakira shirt underneath sweaters for the fall. Although, seeing how it's 38 C, or 100 F here in SoCal, I doubt I'll be able to pile on the layers until much later. Shame.

PS. Check out Once a Week Chic - it's a new website that has new looks every week that you can purchase and recreate for yourself!

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Sep 14, 2012


Sweater from Brandy Melville, silver sneaks c/o Maxstar, friendship bracelets c/o shopbelina, spiked bracelet c/o OASAP

These photos were actually taken in the rose garden of my college - I actually went yesterday to fill my vase with flowers - and they really bring life into my dorm room! I adore my room, and just college in general. For those of you who are apprehensive about starting college in the future - please don't worry! Maybe the first two days will be hard, but I know for sure that you will get used to your surroundings, and very soon begin to love them! Of course I miss home, and both my family and friends, but that was to be expected. The best feeling is getting packages and letters from loved ones!

I know that with the sneaker wedge trend on the rise, I've been eyeing many Marant-lookalikes, but all I've really been wanting to wear and see these days are white and silver for some arbitrary reason. Even my dorm sheets, containers, lamp, and clothing hampers are all white or silver (I guess I was just inspired by all those tumblr-esque lifestyle photos of minimalistic bedrooms)! As for these juicy sneaks from Maxstar, I love how reflective they are, and can really make an outfit more dimensional. I also have a habit of stacking a lot of bracelets onto one arm, because rings tend to obstruct my fingers when I write, and these friendship bracelets from shopbelina have the perfect amount of color and embellishment for stacking!

Happy weekend xx!  

Sep 10, 2012


Asymmetrical skirt c/o Jiglys, Ombre shirt from Bershka, wedges from Guess

The difference between this particular Jiglys asymmetrical skirt from all the others out there is in the way that it moves. With its seemingly endless amount of gauzy fabric, this skirt makes for a lot of beautiful movement - which I hope I was able to capture in these two photos! 

Also - I created an Instagram account a few days ago - so please follow me *here* if you want to see some photos from my daily college life! 

Sep 5, 2012


boots c/o GoJane, shorts from LF, beanie from UO, tee from Free People

I owe you all an apology - I really do wish I could continue to post at least twice a week, but with orientation, moving in, classes, and schedule conflicts, I've been leaving piles of unedited photos left unattended! But rest assured, I adore my classes, like Astronomy and Italian, meeting new people, and exploring the campuses (I attend a consortium)! And, please do tell me how your back-to-school experience is going - I'm here for you guys!

These ChloƩ-inspired boots that have been orbiting the blogging world have been on my radar for a while now, and I was so excited to have been sent them by GoJane! I feel like the shoes really have the ability to transform a lazy-day outfit.