Aug 29, 2012


I'm moving into college the day after tomorrow - which explains my hiatus from Lookbook and blogging! Although, I'm trying to make-up for the lack of outfit posts (I've been saving them to post when college starts - I'll probably be a) too busy to take photos, and b) have no one to take them for me) with some Santa Monica photos of my family and me - enjoy xx! Say hello to my big brother, Kevin!

Also, I've recently been invited to take part in Daisy Street's blogger competition! I would really appreciate it if you guys could like or share (here) my photo to help me win! Please spread the word if you could! Thanks so much!

Aug 23, 2012


shorts c/o HanMattan, thigh-highs c/o Daddylonglegz, H&M sunnies + tee

Hello from San Francisco! As of today, it's exactly a week from my move-in day at college and my 18th birthday! Wish me good luck - I'm bringing a whopping five suitcases of mostly shoes and clothing along with the other living necessities like bedsheets, containers, hangers, etc.! 

These shorts from HanMattan are made by the lovely 16-year-old Rose from England - I really love to meet other people who pour their heart and soul into their passions, and the fact that she's only 16 is even more amazing! We also happen to have a lot in common, and she is so sweet and friendly! I would love to live in her world of altered vintage shorts...if only.

I also love these thigh-highs from Daddyz - they have these strips of gel lining along the inside of the tights to prevent them from slipping, and it's hard not to love the seam detailing at the back of the tights. I love how the tights look with creepers, which, yes, I did succumb to. Obviously they are an acquired taste - but I honestly think that they are so ugly, they are cute. Not to mention, this pair is super light (similar)! 

Aug 18, 2012


Head chain c/o Eclectic Eccentricity, dress from Motel Rocks

Countdown: two days left in Shanghai. Just this past week I went to visit my old high school, and I never expected that I would feel out of place at the very place that had been my home for twelve years. Yet it's not like I feel like I completely belong at college either. It's odd feeling young and old at the same time.

I received five different packages in the mail today (customs and #bloggerproblems, but thank goodness they arrived before I left for college!), and a few others this week, including this gorgeously-wrapped package from the lovely Lucy over at Eclectic Eccentricity! This head chain from EE is the type of statement accessory that I constantly find myself lusting after - with a hint of Greek, delicacy, and uniqueness!

Aug 13, 2012


hat from Topshop, fringed kimono from AZUL by moussy, platforms c/o OASAP, skinnies + cropped turtleneck from Forever 21

I absolutely love how reminiscent of the 90's this cropped turtleneck is. It's very similar to the one at American Apparel, albeit at a much more reasonable price tag, and I can see it fast becoming a staple for this summer and many more to come...which is why I also got one in a navy and white stripe! 

Also, be sure to check out this lovely interview that Minmin featured me in (here)! 

Aug 8, 2012


Hand chain c/o Funnypeopleco, denim shirt from Bycorpus, spiked bracelet c/o OASAP

A typhoon has landed south of Shanghai, canceling hundreds of flights, including mine...which leaves me stranded in Japan! Not a bad place to be stranded in, if you ask me. The bad thing, though, is that this diminishes the time I have left in Shanghai before I leave for college, which was only 12 days to begin with. 

This was the outfit I wore on the airplane here - I know a lot of people have questions on what to wear on a long flight - I prefer to opt for long-sleeves on top (as I get cold easily), and something easy to move around in, while not reverting to sweats or pyjamas. As for my carry-on, I prefer backpacks when I'm with my camera and laptop, because the weight does start to take its toll! 

PS. There are only three more days to enter my giveaway!

Aug 5, 2012

Yokohama and Tokyo

afternoon sunlight - the kind that just makes you want to roll around in newly cut grass
thrifting in Shimokitazawa - tons of Rolling Stones tees!
the third time I've ever been to Topshop, and the first time I've tried on vintage Levi's - both experiences reinforcing what Shanghai is in dire need of
we went to a restaurant where we fish for our own dinner!

I actually used to live in Yokohama about a decade ago, and I've come back a few times - here we are again, visiting old family friends and eating my absolute favorite foods in the world! Remember to enter the Rire Boutique giveaway (here)!

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Aug 1, 2012

Rire Boutique Giveaway!

It feels like it's been ages since the last giveaway I've had - so here it is - a giveaway from the lovely Rire Boutique to win a $25 gift certificate! My favorite items from Rire are definitely their stone necklaces - I've always loved the look of uncut stones. As always, all you have to do is follow the steps on Rafflecopter. The winner will later have to register for an account.

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