Apr 23, 2012


Due to the photo problem mentioned in the last post, I really haven't been able to post all of these looks! So, I decided instead of doing four separate posts filled with my usual multiple photos, I would have to show you only each collage! If you guys want to see more photos, or have questions on each item of clothing, just ask! I finally purchased some more photo bandwidth, so we don't have to worry about that either ;).

Apr 17, 2012


(Romwe galaxy asymmetrical skirt, Romwe ring, Helmut Lang leather jacket, mustard knit from local boutique)

Don't you find yourself getting lost in this print? I feel like the beauty of galaxy prints comes from the fact that galaxies truly are something that most of us have never been able to see in person. I love the mystery and the allure, and I just find galaxies so intriguing. This print is actually almost identical to the top I had in a post a while back, and once I saw this skirt on Romwe, I knew I would love it (Thank you so much to Ariel from Romwe!). Let's just say that I like to buy anything galaxy - my laptop wallpaper is a galaxy, my math notebook has a galaxy on it... 

On a side note, I know sometimes it seems like my style is a little bit sporadic, but I really think there are so many things out there that I love and am aesthetically attracted to! I hope it doesn't confuse you all, especially those of you who prefer that I dress in a particular way - but I'm open to all your opinions. I think that there is one common thing that unites all of my different moods though - I just can't exactly describe it. 

PS - Stay tuned for an Italy post! I will update you all with tons of photos and details about my wonderful trip. I know this has taken a while, but I wanted to do some editing and filing through the photos. 
PPS - Don't forget to enter my Romwe giveaway to win $40 worth of Romwe items and a detachable collar! 

Apr 6, 2012

Romwe Easter Giveaway with detachable collars!

I have a surprise for you guys! Remember those times when you were little on Easter egg hunts? And when you finally found something, you would get this feeling of sheer happiness. Well inside this egg, you all can win $40 worth of your choice and a detachable collar from Romwe! This is actually my first giveaway ever, so I really am ecstatic to give you all the opportunity to win something. Thank you so much for supporting me during my blog's growth. I know I wear a lot of detachable collars (maybe some of you are even sick of my obsession with collared-anything by now). The winner will win one that is similar to these, usually made of metal metal with special details.  

All you have to do is follow the instructions that Rafflecopter lists, and remember to register on Romwe for an account, then leave your comment (with the same email you used to register on Romwe). Also, Romwe will be sharing with you all three coupon codes! (RomweEaster1: save $15 on a purchase over $60, RomweEaster2: save $25 on a purchase over $90, RomweEaster3: save $35 on a purchase over $120)
PS I'm in Santa Margherita, Italy, right now, which is why I haven't been able to post as much as I'd like! I have a huge load of photos that I want to show you all once I get back though! The art, food, scenery...has all been amazing. I don't want it to end.